Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Making Faces by Amy Harmon


Ambrose Young was beautiful. He was tall and muscular, with hair that touched his shoulders and eyes that burned right through you. The kind of beautiful that graced the covers of romance novels, and Fern Taylor would know. She'd been reading them since she was thirteen. But maybe because he was so beautiful he was never someone Fern thought she could have...until he wasn't beautiful anymore.

Making Faces is the story of a small town where five young men go off to war, and only one comes back. It is the story of loss. Collective loss, individual loss, loss of beauty, loss of life, loss of identity. It is the tale of one girl's love for a broken boy, and a wounded warrior's love for an unremarkable girl. This is a story of friendship that overcomes heartache, heroism that defies the common definitions, and a modern tale of Beauty and the Beast where we discover that there is little beauty and a little beast in all of us.

My Review: 5+ Stars!!

Growing up Fern Taylor wasn't much to look at. She had wild, crazy red hair, bad teeth, pale skin and a scrawny body. But that never stopped her from living her life to the fullest. She is not only full of life but she is sweet, caring, funny and has an endless supply of love for everyone... especially Ambrose. She fell in love with him when she was just a little girl. But he's not the type of guy who would give Fern a second glance. Sure he's seen her around but she was just not pretty enough to catch his eye. Little did any of them know that she would growup to be one of the most beautiful women, inside and out, that they had ever laid eyes on. But will she be too beautiful for Ambrose? 

Ambrose is one of the most popular guys in school. All the girls love him and all the guys want to be him. It doesn't get any better than Ambrose Young. When tragedy strikes the US, Ambrose reevaluates his life and makes one of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make. He enlists in the military. But he can't see himself going alone so he does everything he can to encourage his four best friends to join him. Heading off to war was one of the scariest moments in their lives. All anyone could do was pray they would all return home together, safe and sound. But tragedy strikes again and only one returns home to his family and loved ones. How will Ambrose face everyone? How will he ever move on with his life without his best friends? Will the guilt be too much for him to handle? Broken and scarred he hides away from everyone, refusing to live his life. 

Bailey Sheen knows what it's like to live a limited life better than anyone else. But he refuses to let his disease rule him. Like his cousin, Fern, he lives his life to the fullest. When Ambrose comes home a broken shell of a man, Bailey and Fern make it their mission to show him that there is still life to live, memories to make, and endless love to give. Their lives may be simple but they are the best friends anyone could ever ask for. The more Ambrose spends time with them, the stronger and better he becomes. He needed them both in his life just as much as they needed him in theirs. The bond of friendship and love between these three was absolutely amazing! They all learned how to live, laugh and love again after their worlds had been turned upside down and ripped to shreds on several occasions. 

Watching the love between Fern and Ambrose grow from friendship into something more was absolutely beautiful! They literally completed each other. Their love was so strong and so true that you could feel it coming off the pages! I think these two are one of my most favorite book couples ever! They were not perfect, but they were perfect together... *dreamy sigh*   

Making Faces is absolutely PHENOMENAL! I LOVE it! I have no words to express how amazing this book is! I quickly got sucked in and held on for dear life as I traveled for a short period of time in Fern, Ambrose and Bailey's lives. This story is so real that I literally felt every single emotion that they felt... love... happy... scared... hurt... angry. I laughed, I cried, I growled in frustration and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the emotional roller coaster that I went on! This book is addictive so make sure you have the time to read it or you'll find yourself losing sleep and/or cancelling all plans until you finish it! ;) Oh! And make sure you have a box of tissues close... you are definitely going to need it! 

Making Faces is the first book of Amy Harmon's that I have read and she has definitely made me a fan for life! :)

I truly wish that I could give this book more than 5 stars! It is the BEST book I have read in a LONG time! <3

To my squeaky clean read friends - there is language and innuendos throughout the book. 

And of course I cannot forget my casting! *dreamy sigh*

And I just have to share one of my favorite quotes from the book! LOVE! 


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