Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Beauty and the Beach by Diane Darcy


She's finally free to follow her heart!

When her mother died, local beauty Isabelle Kenna was left with the task of raising a much younger sister and dealing with a lovable but increasingly alcoholic father. Now, with a nursing degree firmly in hand, her father on the wagon, and her sister off to college soon, Isabelle finally has the chance to live her own life and get a taste of the freedom she's craved. She might even find time for a bit of romance with the scarred yet attractive Marine who comes into the hospital. That's the plan, anyway.

Add in 100,000 reasons keeping them apart.

Adam Wilder, a hot-headed Marine-turned-master-jeweler, has a big crush on the pretty nurse at the VA hospital, and he plans to keep asking until she goes out with him. When his store manager 'borrows' and loses a $100,000 necklace, Adam goes ballistic. Too late, he realized the man's daughter is the pretty nurse he's hoping to impress. Maybe threatening her father and taking her freedom aren't the brightest ideas he's ever had. Unless he can make Isabelle fall for him, he obviously can't keep her forever. And it's not helping that they're also dealing with Adam's nosy neighbors, a few matchmaking Marines, and her sister who hates his guts! Can he still win Izzy's heart? Or will he simply lose his own?

When did Happily Ever After become so complicated?

My Review: 3.5 Stars

Adam is a retired Marine who has a crush on his nurse, Isabelle, at the VA hospital. He has asked her out a few times but has always been turned down. He doesn't know if it's the scars on his face or if it's for other reasons. But he is determined to keep asking her until she says yes. 

Izzy's life has always been a bit crazy. Between taking care of her little sister after their mom passes away, taking care of her dad when he's drinking himself into oblivion, going to college and working, she has very little time left to do anything else... especially date. But now that her sister is getting ready to graduate high school, her dad is in recovery and holding down a steady job, she can finally start taking steps to move out on her own. Now there isn't anything stopping her from saying yes to Adam the next time he asks her out. 

But when her dad "borrows" a necklace worth $100,000 for her sister to wear to prom and she loses it, their lives are thrown into chaos! Especially when her dad's boss turns out to be Adam. Now Izzy is forced to stay with him until the necklace is found and returned. But how can they start a relationship with the lost necklace hanging over all their heads? Adam doesn't know if it will be possible but decides that while Izzy is living with him, he will do everything he can to woo and romance her. Only time will tell what the future has in store for them. 

I did enjoy Adam and Izzy's relationship for the most part. It was cute and fun. But I do wish Adam would have given her more to do while her family was looking for the necklace. It was like she was there on vacation. And don't even get me started on the way she acted once the necklace was found. I seriously wanted to Gibbs slap her!  

Another thing I just have to get off my chest... her sister, Courtney, is a spoiled brat and their dad, Stephen, is a moron! Their behavior at times was ridiculous and I found myself rolling my eyes while muttering under my breath. They acted like immature teenagers! *le sigh* Okay.. rant over. ;)

All in all this was a cute, quick read. If you're in the mood for a beauty and the beast type story that's light and fun then I would say give this one a try!

And of course my casting... I really like these two! :) 


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