Friday, June 28, 2019

27 Ways to Find a Boyfriend by Shari L. Tapscott


If at first you don't succeed, keep going down the list...

I need you to know I’m not pathetic. A little desperate, sure. But not pathetic. And mostly I agreed to Jessa’s insane boyfriend-finding list idea because Carter was looking at me like it was the stupidest idea known to man, and I wanted to irk him.

Jessa’s guy-finding list is the stupidest idea known to man. The only reason Addison doesn’t have a boyfriend is because she’s the boss’s daughter, and none of the guys in our shop want to be fired.

Maybe if he hadn’t kissed me last weekend, I wouldn’t be thinking about him constantly. See there? This is his fault. If I need to use a list to find someone who will get him out of my head, then so be it.

Maybe if I hadn’t kissed her last weekend, the list wouldn’t bother me so much, but now I can’t get her out of my head. So I’m going to do the only thing a sane guy would do in my position. I’m going to sabotage the experiment…

My Review: 5 Stars

Holy wowzers! Can I just tell you how much I adored this book?! Once I started it, I had an extremely hard time putting it down. I may or may not have been irrationally angry when I had to go to work instead of staying home and reading all day. I love when a book captivates me like this one did. 

I absolutely loved Addison and Carter! The chemistry between these two was sizzling and I couldn't help shipping them from the very beginning. They had a lot of obstacles that most couples wouldn't have, but once they realized what they wanted, they weren't going to let anyone stop them from being happy.

The feels were definitely real my friends. I found myself laughing out loud, holding my breathe in anticipation, growling in frustration and letting out little dreamy sighs throughout the book. I honestly did not want the book to end!

I really enjoyed all the side characters as well. Jessa was hilarious and an amazing best friend. Some of the scenes with Gio and Heath were pretty funny albeit a little awkward for our sweet Addison. Have a mentioned that I laughed out loud several times? But can I just tell you how much Addison's dad got on my nerves?! Ugh! Men! Haha. 

This was a great start to a new fun series! I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series being released. I have already preordered it without even reading the synopsis. I'm choosing to be adventurous! (Do you see what I did there?! 😉 Hehe.)

This is my very first book by Ms. Tapscott and I'll be checking out more of her books. Any author who can grab and keep my attention from the very first page is a for sure winner in my book.

And can we take just a minute to admire these two?! I think they make the perfect Addison and Carter! What do you think?


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