Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Werewolf Rage by Katie Lee O'Guinn


Ava Paskell has finally embraced her new life as a werewolf. Especially since that life includes Cyrus Carlston, her mate. Being in love is the best feeling in the world and she wants her dad, Harry to be as happy as she is. So when Perry and Cole Jansen, a brother and sister on the run turn up in town, she'll do anything to see her father and Perry together. Even if that means going up against Perry's mate, Braxton Mayhew and all of his hybrids. In a town like Paskell, nothing is ever easy though and what seems perfect at first can turn into the worst nightmare imaginable.

My Review: 4 STARS

I will state up front that my review will contain spoilers. If you don't like them and haven't read the book yet then I suggest not reading anymore of my review.

Ava and Cyrus... *sigh* I have so many mixed emotions about them. I love them... I really do! But I also hate them right now! I was excited that things were FINALLY starting to work out for them and then BAM! All heck breaks loose! I was BEYOND fuming when Cyrus decided to be a jerk and chose revenge over love! I literally wanted to knock him out! And then Ava... Grrrrr. Don't get me wrong. I totally understand why she needed a break... needed to get out of Paskell... but to turn into a cold, heartless woman and treat EVERYONE around her like crap?! Not cool chica! But like I said... I did get why she had to do it. I liked how in the end she was wanting to be a mix between the old and new Ava. I'm hoping she finds balance between the two... discovers who she REALLY is!

Okay... I just have to get this off my chest... I cannot stand Cole! From the moment he showed up I knew he was going to be BAD news! I think he's a creeper and he just makes me sick at times. I do NOT like a guy who continually goes after the girl even after she has told him NO not once... not twice... but SEVERAL times!! Hello!! He's called a stalker!! I really hope there aren't any Cole fans reading this. I mean come on! He ends up being Ava's uncle for crying out loud! That's just wrong!

It's weird how some books can literally suck me in and it's like I'm right there with them... feeling everything they are feeling... living through everything they are living through. This is definitely one of those books! I seriously went on an emotional roller coaster that had me thinking "what the crap jack?!" Lol. Katie Lee O'Guinn is WONDERTASTICAL that way!! I LOVE it!!

All in all... Werewolf Rage was a good book that I could not put down! It was definitely more action packed then Werewolf Dreams but that's okay... I liked it! I'm looking forward to re-reading the rest of this series. In talking to a couple of friends I have realized that while I know how the series ends... I can't remember what happens when and in which book! Gotta love finding a series that you can read over and over again and still LOVE it!! ;)

And of course I gotta put my casting up... I seriously LOVE these two!! *dreamy sigh*


  1. Oh I loved this book, SO many emotions lol. Cole drove me absolutely crazy, I do not like him one bit! I am such a Cyrus fan... *sigh* Those pictures are exactly what I imagine them to be!! Good find!

    1. YAY!! Can I just tell you that any Guymon approval just TOTALLY makes my day?! I love it!! So glad that's who you see because he is DEFINITELY a hottie and DEFINITELY an Alpha male!! ;) Hehe.

    2. And I am TOTALLY with you where Cole is concerned. I cannot STAND the creeper!! Isn't it funny how simple words can make us feel SO many emotions?! One of the BEST things when it comes to reading! *dreamy sigh*