Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shannon's Swoon Fest - Week 4

Sad day! We are starting the last week of Shannon/Katie's Swoon Fest! I can't believe how fast this month has gone! A little too fast in my opinion! I didn't even get to read half of her books that I wanted too! But that's okay because I'm going to keep reading even after it ends! ;) Hehe. I have had SO much fun this month! I am SO glad that we decided to Take a Chance on Love and that YOU were able to join us!

What are some of your favorite things that we have done?? I loved sharing recipes... castings... taking the quizzes... getting to know Shannon better... rereading all her books... just about EVERYTHING!! If you haven't guessed already I love all things Shannon!! She is seriously one of my all time favorite authors!! In a book rut?! Grab her books!! Need to smile?! Grab her books!! Want to swoon?! Grab her books!! Seriously she is AMAZING!! I hope doing a Swoon Fest for her has helped those of us who already love her, love her even more and those who have never read her books before become fans for life!! :)

So... with it being the last week of Swoon Fest... I thought I would do my own personal prize this week! There will only be ONE winner for my prize and even the other Swoon Fest hosts will be eligible to win! Are you wondering what you will have to do in order to be entered?! Well... it's simple really. WRITE A REVIEW!!

I know... I know... for those of you who don't write reviews it can be a bit scary and even intimidating. Trust me! I really do know! You should have seen me the first time I decided to write a review. It literally took me like 4 hours because I thought it HAD to be perfect! But guess what... it doesn't! You know how you always talk to friends about the books you've read?! That's exactly what you do for reviews! Instead of talking you are typing! Easy peasy... I promise! ;)

There are a couple of rules for my prize. The books HAVE to be read during Shannon's Swoon Fest. So only reviews written in the month of MARCH are eligible. And your review has to be a minimum of 75 words. I know... it sounds like a lot but honestly... IT'S NOT! That little paragraph above this one?! 91 words! Seriously... I counted them! Lol. And that's it! Those are the only 2 things that you need to do in order to win KJ's Prize!! What is KJ's prize you ask?! Well... it is your choice of one of Shannon's paperback books, a bookmark and a little chocolate! All the things to make reading PERFECT in my opinion! ;) Hehe.

But don't worry... there will still be another Rafflecopter going on this last week that you can enter if reviewing books is not for you. :)

So come on... let's show our love for Shannon and tell her THANK YOU for all her HARD work in writing the books that we all LOVE so much!! Happy reading my fellow Bookworms!!


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