Saturday, March 14, 2015

Werewolf Betrayal by Katie Lee O'Guinn


Against her better judgement, Ava returns to the town of Paskell to marry Cyrus. But upon their return, Cole's heartbreak threatens to tear them apart. Cole refuses to let Ava go without giving him a chance but Cyrus will do anything to protect his mate and the only woman he's ever loved. Ava's father has good intentions but ends up throwing her whole life into havoc. Will Ava's life remain tied to Cyrus or will Cole finally win her heart?

My Review: 5 Stars

Oh my heck! I loved Werewolf Betrayal! This is definitely one of my favorite series! Werewolf Betrayal went in a direction that I really didn't see coming. Warning... there may be some spoilers and my true feelings for certain people are going to be made loud and clear!! You have been warned!! ;)

I'll start with the bad...

I knew there was a reason I hated Cole from the very beginning! He is not only a creeper, but he is a psycho as well! Holy crow! I knew he was evil but I didn't realize HOW evil he was!! And Perry! What a sorry excuse for a woman! I personally think that she was in on it from the very beginning and just played the part of "poor, defenseless Perry who is scared and needs someone to protect her". She completely changed from book 2 to book 4. And I'm sorry... what kind of mother would forget their own child?!?! And Harry... Grrrr. Do you really want to get me started on him?! Lol. He is a coward, a horrible leader and an even worse father!! I mean seriously... who DOES that?! Forcing Ava to do something she does NOT want to do nor should she HAVE to do it... all to protect his wife!! Ugh!! All the work they did to make everyone in town see that women are equals and he pulls that crap?! If you haven't guessed already I had a really hard time with ALL of them! Haha. Knowing Katie she will definitely redeem Harry. But she's got her work cut out for her! ;)

And I'll end with the good...

I LOVE Ava and Cyrus!! They were put through the ringer YET AGAIN but they came out on top!! They realized that their love can get them through anything life throws at them. They stayed strong as a couple and lead the people of Paskell the way her father should have been doing all along. These two came full circle and turned out to be exactly what Paskell needed. And that ending! *dreamy sigh* Cyrus is definitely on the top of my book boyfriend's list! I absolutely LOVED how he told Ava how beautiful she was especially with the scars.. every single one of them showed her inner beauty.. she got them protecting the people she loves the most.. how much more perfect can he be?! I absolutely LOVED seeing these two grow, mature and become true leaders!

Katie... have I told you how amazing you are?! You have a way with words that just sucks me in from the very beginning and doesn't let me come up for air until the very end!! And I LOVE it! Everyone should be checking her books out! I have definitely gotten people hooked on her books and I plan I hooking A LOT more people! ;) Keep 'em coming! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

And of course.. I just CANNOT do my final post of this series without posting my casting again! Admit it... it's one of the main reasons you follow my blog, right?! ;) Hehe.


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