Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hidden Gems

Welcome to Hidden Gems hosted by KJ's Book Nook! Once a month I'll feature a new to me author that I've discovered and fell in love with their books. I'll share the author's bio, one of my favorite books of theirs and a review.

For this month's Hidden Gems I am going to choose...

Jess Mastorakos writes clean military romance books that feature heroes with heart and the strong women they love. She is a proud Marine wife and mama of four. The happy family is currently stationed in Hawaii. She loves her coffee in a glitter tumbler and planning with an erasable pen.


Ever since I discovered Rebecca Deel, I've had my eyes open for more military and/or personal security books. *Newsflash* The majority of the ones out there are NOT clean. It was a VERY happy day when I discovered Jess Mastorakos through another author's newsletter. Please don't ask me who it was because I am racking my brain and cannot remember! Haha. But whoever it was, I will be forever grateful for them featuring her. She was quickly added to my favorites and auto-buy lists. 

I was going to feature the first book in the series in my post but then I read Believing in You. I hadn't even finished the book before I decided I was switching out the books. You will definitely thank me.. I promise! And if you don't? Well.. then I don't know if we can be friends. 😉

How do you make a long-distance relationship last? Don't fall for your brother's best friend.

While on deployment, Jake Murphy takes to online dating hoping to find someone to share forever with back home. His connection with a beautiful kindergarten teacher is everything he was looking for. That is, until he realizes she's his best friend's sister.

After being dumped by her high school sweetheart, Ivy Brooks gets pushed into online dating by her well-meaning friends. Despite her reluctance, she hits it off with a handsome Marine. Too bad her brother would never be cool with her dating one of his friends... especially after what happened last time.

Jake and Ivy know they shouldn't keep talking, but late-night flirting and inside jokes leave them both glued to their phones. Their secret is bound to come out sooner or later. Will their love survive the fallout?

You can check out my review here.

Happy reading my fellow Book Dragons!


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