Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Werewolf Revenge by Katie Lee O'Guinn


Ava has escaped from Paskell, but when she meets her new little brother Finn, their connection is unbreakable. So when he's taken by an unknown kidnapper, she has a choice: Stay safe, or go home. Being a werewolf has some advantages, but nothing can protect her heart from seeing Cyrus again. Will revenge destroy her family, or bring her back full circle.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

*dreamy sigh* I love Werewolf Revenge! What am I saying?! I love this whole series! Hehe.

We pick up a year and a half later from where book 2 left off. Ava is in Ireland and has been able to heal a bit. She has found a balance between the old and new Ava. I think she is starting to become who she is meant to be. No one from Paskell knows where she is and that's the way she likes it. She receives an email from her dad saying that he really wants to see her and after some thought she decides that it's time for a visit from her family. Harry, Perry and Finn all come to Ireland and Ava grows really close with her baby brother. She has a strong, special connection with him that no one can really explain.

After they head back to Paskell, Ava has a horrible feeling one night and calls to check in with her dad to make sure everything is okay only to discover that Finn has been kidnapped. She knows that she is needed in Paskell and will do anything she has to to get her brother back safe and sound. I was completely shocked to see who our bad guy was... totally did not see that coming. And my suggestion is... don't even try and figure it out because any guess you can make will probably be wrong! LOL. Well... at least mine were... ;)

Ava and Cyrus... *sigh* I love them again! Hehe. Ava did not consider the old feelings that would resurface between her and Cyrus when she went to Paskell. She thought that she could go there, find Finn and then head back to Ireland... easy peasy. Haha! NOT! They had a few bumps in the road but they were able to talk and work things out. And yes... this girl is a happy camper!!

So.. you might think I am kinda lame but I really don't care! I am who I am and I love what I love! And what I absolutely love is when Ava is in her wolf form and Cyrus kneels beside her and rubs her fur and talks to her. Seriously the sweetest thing ever! I have no clue why I love it but I just do!

Looking forward to book 4... Werewolf Betrayal. Seriously LOVE this series!! ;)

Oh... and P.S. I still can't stand Cole! He is still a creeper and I do not trust him at all!!

And of course... because I love seeing them so much... my casting choice... ;) Hehe. Seriously LOVE them!! *dreamy sigh*


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    1. YAY!! I am SO glad!! I can't wait for you to read the Chasing the Wolf series... SO good!! :)