Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Magic in the Moonlight by Jules Barker



After an awkward-almost kiss ten years ago, her older brother's best friend is back and more distracting than ever.

Laurel tried to kiss Nate when they were teenagers, and he flat-out rejected her. Then he left the island and never came back. Okay, so it was because of family drama and not because he was horrified his best friend’s little sister tried to lock lips with him. But Laurel can’t help re-living that embarrassment when Nate returns to the island grown up and gorgeous.

Laurel certainly hasn’t been pining for him this whole time. She’s been busy running her small boutique, collecting a fabulous vintage wardrobe, and mastering her magical ability to read the emotional energy of objects. No time for worrying about the past.

Except, suddenly, Nate is everywhere. Family dinner. Stopping by with her favorite treats. Getting hired by Gran to renovate Laurel’s cottage. It’s awfully hard to prove you’re a competent, fully-grown woman who’s so over a man when he’s your personal handyman tearing down your walls. If only she could tear down his image of her as the lonely little tagalong from his teen years. Having the confidence to make a move is even harder when she discovers he may already have feelings for someone else.

Laurel’s Gift is reading the emotional past of objects, so why is it so hard to understand her emotional present?

My Review: 4 Stars

One of my favorite genres is urban fantasy. Sadly, I have the hardest time trying to find books in this genre. The majority of them are either geared towards YA or are simply not clean. Y'all. I was SO excited to discover the Magic of Moonrise Cove series. It has swept me away and has given me that much needed break from reality. I am so glad that I don't have to leave Moonrise Cove anytime soon! This place is... well... magical! 😍

Confession time. The "Brother's Best Friend" trope is usually a hit or a miss for me. It has never been in between and there's been more misses than hits. Thankfully this one was a hit! *whew* Haha. Don't ya just love when that happens?

Laurel and Nate have known each other since they were kids. She's had a crush on him for years but, for Nate, she's always been "Simon's Little Sister". It's been 10 years since Nate left the island and now that he's back, Laurel isn't quite sure how to handle it. All she wants to do is avoid him as long as possible. But between a handsy scarf and her Gran, avoidance doesn't last very long. Things were a bit awkward between Laurel and Nate in the beginning. But it doesn't take long for them to pick up where they left off all those years ago. 

I enjoyed their journey from friendship to something more. They were so good together. I loved watching Nate take care of and support Laurel when she needed it the most. Y'all. That man deserves a medal! Laurel was a bit slow on the uptake and there were a few times I wanted to shake her and say "Wake up woman! How can you not see what's in front of your face?!" 😂 Thankfully she figures it out before it's too late.

While I really enjoyed the book and had a hard time putting it down, there was one thing that kept me from giving it the full 5 stars I wanted to. What is that one thing? Kisses. I needed more kisses. I missed melting into a big ol' pile of gooey goodness and letting out all the dreamy sighs. Now don't get me wrong. There were some definite dreamy sighs escaping while reading the book, but I just wanted a bit more.  

I am absolutely loving this series! It is SO fun! I find myself wanting to devour all of the books as fast as I can but then I want to read them slowly so I can savor every minute of them. The struggle is real y'all! 😂

Ms. Barker has officially added herself to my "authors to watch" list. She had me staying up way past my bedtime because I just had to know what happened next! I can say, without a doubt, I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books by her! 

And you guys know no review of mine would be complete without a casting. I have one word for these two. Perfection! What do you think? 


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