Sunday, July 25, 2021

Wheels of Justice by Rebecca Deel


After losing her home and business in a flood, photographer Claire Walker relocates to Nashville, determined to rebuild her life. Two men kidnap Claire in the middle of the night in a scheme to force her captive brother to divulge classified information. When she escapes, Claire calls the one man who can help her evade the kidnappers and save her brother.

Navy SEAL Zane Murphy had his career mapped out until an IED changed his life forever. A warrior to his bones, now he hunts terrorists in the corridors of cyberspace for Fortress Security. Although he hasn't been in the field for two years, Zane can't refuse a plea for aid from a missing operative's sister.

When he's accused of betraying his fellow operatives, Zane vows to clear his name, unmask the real traitor, and protect Claire. The SEAL calls on friends and an elite Delta unit to assist in the mission to save Claire's brother. With time running out, Zane has no choice but to take the woman who captured his heart into the enemy's stronghold.

My Review: 5 Stars!

Claire Walker relocated to Nashville after her home and business flooded. Being an in demand photographer has it's advantages. She can do her job from anywhere. 

While her brother, Adam, is away on one of his missions for Fortress Security, Claire is kidnapped. In her line of business it pays to be observant and pay attention to details. Her only thoughts are to get away from Thug One and Thug Two. Once she escapes their clutches, her only move is to call Zane Murphy, the one person her brother insisted will keep her safe at all times. If her brother trusts him, then she'll trust him... no matter what. 

While in the military, Zane Murphy's team was hit by an IED leaving him the sole survivor... and in a wheelchair. But he is a SEAL to his bones and can't see himself doing anything else. He loves his job as communications expert and tech guru at Fortress Security. He might not be able to protect his teammates while fighting along side them in the field, but he will do what ever he can to keep the operatives and principals in the field safe from behind his computer screen. 

When he receives a call from Claire informing him that she's in trouble, he doesn't have to think twice about protecting her. He will do everything he can to make her safe and keep her out of the hands of the jerk who's holding her brother hostage. 

But one look at Claire and Zane knows he's in trouble. There's something about Claire that has drawn him in. For the first time in a long time, a beautiful woman is looking at him and seeing the man that he is... not the man in the chair. He doesn't dare believe that someone like Claire would ever fall in love with him. But Claire is a rare gem and one that Zane doesn't want to let go. If they can rescue her brother and get out of the enemy's clutches alive, he will do everything in his power to show her that he can be worthy of her. He will treat her like the treasure she is for the rest of their lives.  

Wow! All I can say is WOW! I absolutely LOVED this book! I had the hardest time putting it down! It took my kindle falling and hitting me in the face a couple of times before I would put it down for the night. I kept telling myself... just one more chapter. Haha. And of course I just had to wake up earlier than usual just so I could finish the book. 

I have loved Zane from the very beginning and was dying to read his book! I knew it would take one special lady to capture his heart and Claire is absolutely perfect! She is a feisty little spitfire! Oh how I loved seeing her protectiveness come out when people weren't treating Zane the way he deserved to be treated. These two are definitely a favorite of mine! 

I am really loving these series! And I am so glad I stumbled upon Ms. Deel. I haven't been able to put her books down! I'm looking forward to reading more by her!

I have been dying to cast Claire and Zane! I absolutely adore these two! What do you think?!

Content: Mild violence. No swearing. Clean romance... just swoony kisses! 


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