Sunday, March 6, 2022

Three Things I'd Never Do by Remi Carrington



Never say never.

There are three things Eve said she would never do—move back in with her parents, let her mother set her up, and date a guy with a dog.

When a bolt of lightning forces Eve to move back in with her parents, she’s already going back on her ‘never’ list. As if things aren’t bad enough, a tree falls, trapping her in the bathtub.

When Adam, the handsome firefighter rescues her, bubbles and all, Eve is so humiliated, she hopes she never sees him again. But as fate would have it, Adam is her blind date – Thanks Mom. Surprisingly, he is perfect … except for one minor thing. He has dogs, and she is a die-hard cat lover.

She may never get over her aversion to sloppy kisses (from the dogs), but when Eve dog sits for the weekend, things go from bad to worse. Someone is bound to end in the doghouse forever.

My Review: 5 Stars

Oh my heck! You guys! I found another one of those... "Drop what ever you're reading and grab this one right now!"... kind of books. I hadn't even finished the first chapter before I was busting out laughing. 😂

Y'all! I absolutely adored this book! I could not get enough of Eve and Adam. I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop. Their willingness to step outside their comfort zones and do things they wouldn't normally do spoke of how much they truly cared for each other. Add to that their banter and sizzling chemistry and this girl right here couldn't help but let out all kinds of little dreamy sighs. These two were absolutely perfect for each other. 

I do have to say that the side characters made the book even better. I loved Haley and cannot wait to read her book! I will say that I wasn't a big fan of the moms. I found myself wanting to Gibbs slap them more than I have any other character in a long time. They were just too much. I loved seeing them shocked into silence during Thanksgiving dinner. That was seriously the best! 

This is my first book by Ms. Carrington and it definitely won't be my last. I've already one clicked a few more of her books in this series. I think I see some binge reading in my very near future. I can't wait to fall in love with more of her characters! 

And of course I cannot forget my casting. I love these two! What do you think?!


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