Thursday, March 10, 2022

One Whopper of a Love Story by Remi Carrington



They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs, but what if a prince shows up . . .

When a prince—not the kind who wears a crown—swoops in to rescue me, I kiss him before I even ask his name. I’m sure I’ve given him the wrong impression, and he’ll bolt away like a cat out of a bathtub.

Except he keeps showing up.

Maybe fairy tales are real.

We all know that isn't true.

My Review: 5 Stars

Oh my stars, heart eyes, and dreamy sighs! Y'all! I can't even with how adorable this book is! There was no putting it down once I started and I did NOT want it to end!

Do you guys remember when I mentioned I hoped a few characters in Two Risks I'd Never Take Again would get their own story? Well, guess what?! Two of them did! I may or may not have squealed and did a happy dance around my room while one-clicking this baby!

Layla is gorgeous, impulsive, and loves to giggle. Nico is hot, protective, and a bit cynical when it comes to love. Neither are looking for love, but the moment they met, all bets were off.

Y'all! I absolutely adored Layla and Nico! Their story was just what the doctor ordered! I also love a good meet-cute in books and this one is probably one of my favorites. It involves mermaids, fire ants, needles and unexpected kisses. Intrigued and wondering how that all goes together? You're going to want to grab the book and find out! This may or may not have been the moment little dreamy sighs started escaping my lips. 😉 

If you guys haven't read this series yet, you are definitely missing out! It's one of my favorites series I've read this year and I'm so not ready to leave Stadtburg yet! I know this is one series I'll be reading over and over and over again! Like I said at the beginning of my review... Oh my stars, heart eyes, and dreamy sighs! 😍

Ms. Carrington made it onto my favorite authors list from the very first book of hers I read. I know that when she releases a new book, my schedule needs to be cleared because there's no stopping until I get to the very last page. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!

As for my casting, aren't these two perfect?! 😍


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